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Re: Me-Shopping: Design Your Own Products
Posted by: Vivian Wagner 2011-08-16 17:39:12
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Visual product configuration software is increasingly allowing consumers to design their own products, from shoes to tattoos, before purchasing them. The ability to design-before-you-buy gives consumers a sense of power and independence -- and it's also just a lot of fun. "People enjoy the build process itself," said Ryan Clark, a sales manager for Big Shot Bikes, which allows customers to create their own customized bicycles online. "People love tinkering around on our site."

Customizing Products
Posted by: jumaakhalfan 2011-12-22 04:16:42 In reply to: Vivian Wagner
I Believe it is a great idea because people nowadays like to customize their products according to their tastes and choices. It will be a big advantage for E-business owner to adopt this idea.

Great Article!
Posted by: cmagar 2011-08-16 17:44:20 In reply to: Vivian Wagner
Well done! This article is a great addition to those that report on the growing trend of mass customization. I love that it points out that people not only customize because they want the product to be a certain way, but also because it's actually *fun*. That's an important driver when you have to wait due to on demand production.
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