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Re: Court Grants Sony Heavy Artillery for Its War on PS3 Hacking
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2011-03-07 15:59:02
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Sony will be able to proceed with its prosecution of a hacker who published an encryption key allowing PlayStation 3 owners to override Sony's copy-protection software and gain control of their consoles. The hack reportedly was built using earlier jailbreaks to the system. A federal magistrate has granted the company subpoena power to gain access to the IP addresses of anyone who visited George Hotz's website from January 2009 onward. It also won subpoena power for data from YouTube and Hotz's GeoHot Twitter account. Sony reportedly is basing its suit on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's prohibition of "circumvention devices."

Sony Versus Consumers
Posted by: SonyJim 2011-03-07 16:19:36 In reply to: Erika Morphy
It really is an idiotic conflict. Ive never seen such rising hate on the street for one "electronics vendor" before. People are up in arms over this.

In this situation, a good majority of consumers view Sony as a bully and untrustworthy supplier.

Sony is challenging freedoms to use products purchased as the purchaser feels fit. Sony are saying that consumers don’t actually "buy" Sony branded products because Sony has made up some "conditions of use" that (no one reads) and are imply that these corporate conditions are somehow LAW of the land. Umm… who made Sony king?

OK then they say that they should have access into everyone’s computers (via a Rootkit) and that ISP & Webmasters should hand over all identities of users, their IP addresses and details of who view certain videos or visited certain web sites or chatted to certain people on twitter or Facebook. They wish to remove Freedom of Privacy and Freedom of Speech...

How will it end? Consumers will move onto other vendors that are seen as consumer friendly. I am sure there are many Chinese manufacturers happy to offer features, performance, value for money and flexible rights to use all in exchange for consumer wallets.

As for open communications - it will routed around the US and there will be huge growth in darknets until the Millennium Act is repealed.

Sony is spent.
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