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Re: Digital Music: Who Will Pay to Play?
Posted by: Paul A. Greenberg 2001-09-08 11:50:08
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A few years ago a popular song asked, "How do you
keep the music playing?" Owners of music file-sharing
services and recording companies are now
asking the same question, with a twist.

"How do we keep the music playing on the Internet?"
is more like it these days. What seemed a highly
progressive and potentially profitable idea is now
teetering on the edge of consumer rejection.
And nothing makes the big boys in the recording industry
shake in their boots more than consumer rejection,
particularly rejection among the most sought-after
demographic group -- American teenagers.

Re: Digital Music: Who Will Pay to Play?
Posted by: Nick Turner 2001-09-18 23:38:17 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
We are currently witnessing the downfall of the giant music companies (hooray). Despite their frequent self-assurances that they can defeat online (file) music sharing, there is in fact no way of stopping the activity. Who on earth is going to pay for something they can very easily get for free. The forced napster to change their operations is like trying to move a beach one grain of sand at a time, there are a million more where that came from. In short there is nothing they can do about what is happening. Either musicians are going to have to play and record music as a fun (part-time) activity for which they are not paid or else they are going to have to cut out the record industry altogether and just ask users to send in a small amount of money as a type of donation.

In my opinion it is only be the Pop sector within the industry who actually require a record label to manufacture the band and promote them (aside from teaching them to sing and dance, rather than the members using their little amounts of natural talent). The internet has allowed all bands to get some of their music heard by a global audience. Napster featured a section for new and upcoming artists to promote themselves and I see this as the future of music.

In conclusion it would seem very stupid to assume that people will be willing to pay for something they can get for nothing, and surely any potential business person would identify this. While there are teenagers and young people who are wanting to listen to music for free, there is no hope of asking them to pay for online music.

Re: Digital Music: Who Will Pay to Play?
Posted by: Anton Reinl 2001-09-11 08:12:34 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
I think music will be free on the internet. The prices for CDs are already much too high and only the same old artists are promoted. Young, unknown artists hardly have a chance to become famous because the labels wont support them enough.
I started to download the newest songs for free and burn them on a CD some months ago and finally i can make my CDs with songs which i like and with prices i can afford. The price (for a selfmade CD) decreased but the usage has increased drastically-should the music industry start thinking?

Re: Digital Music: Who Will Pay to Play?
Posted by: Mr. Roach 2001-09-10 10:42:18 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
I think the Music industry will have to hurry. I've had access to pirated music/movies/software for 15 years now. And I've learned one thing:
More and more people copy and there is more and more stuff available.

About 1 year ago I reached the point where I stopped buying records. Suddenly it just looked so extremely expensive. And about 2 months ago I stopped renting movies (much to my own surprise). I have changed my behaviour, and within 10y the mass might start to change theirs.

When I can buy tunes for 10-25 cents a piece and I get guaranteed quality, then I might start buying again. I don't even download much anymore, I have everything I want now. The music industry really should worry. They are getting hit by their own greed.

Re: Digital Music: Who Will Pay to Play?
Posted by: Karll Knight 2001-09-08 23:02:39 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
The music industry has lost its way. The net is the place for all artists, not just those deemed
worthy by the major lables. I should be able to download a song for 5 cents, forget the CD. Next
quarter we get negative growth and then a recession. Time to sell music on line for a reasonable price.
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