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Re: The DMCA Ruckus: Lots of Gnashing, No Teeth
Posted by: Sidney Hill 2010-08-30 15:20:29
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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act -- enacted in the waning days of the 20th century -- contains provisions designed to make it evolve over time. The idea was that as technology fostered new ways of creating and distributing copyrighted material such as music, movies and software programs, the law could continue striking the proper balance between the consumer's right to access that material and the producer's right to profit from it. However, two recent legal rulings related to the DMCA have raised questions as to whether this law can, in fact, keep pace with advances in technology.

Posted by: NuclearPhysics 2010-08-30 16:11:48 In reply to: Sidney Hill
And just who, pray tell, will go into the millions of homes in America and determine whether access controls were circumvented and copyrighted material was duplicated for reselling, or whether it was "just a backup copy for personal use?"

C'mon people -- get real. This is ridiculous. Copyright in this country will soon go the way of the dinosaur because the tech companies have bought Washington. It's all over. Filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, songwriters, recording artists, novelists, journalists -- Find some other way to make a living. That's the message from your congress, your courts and your countrymen.
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