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Social networking platforms can be powerful tools. Twitter strikes fear into the hearts of repressive regimes, and Facebook was nearly single-handedly responsible for the revival of Betty White's career. So how can something with that much influence be easy and unintimidating for a small-business owner to use? There's no need to be intimidated, blogger Christopher Bucholtz of Forecasting Clouds told the E-Commerce Times. Cost isn't really a major concern, either -- your major investment when adopting a social marketing strategy is time.

Social Media and Business
Posted by: kellybriefworld 2010-06-29 07:51:10 In reply to: Jason Z. Cohen
Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter can be a boon to businesses when used in the right context. They however, come with risks to your network security and privacy. To counter these risks, check out:
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Storefront Social
Posted by: storefrontsocial 2010-06-21 16:17:18 In reply to: Jason Z. Cohen
This is such a great article! Storefront Social is a facebook application that allows retailers and online merchants the ability to import their products into their facebook business pages for increased product/service exposure to their most loyal fans. Having your products and services easily available for fans to talk about and share with other users enables retailers and merchants the ability to engage with their most important influencers like no other advertising before!

You should check out for more information.

Thanks for the article!

It's just a conversation
Posted by: ArthurT 2010-06-21 06:59:27 In reply to: Jason Z. Cohen
I frequently have conversations with small business owners about the use of their social networks. The theme is typically: "I only have so much time to put into this and I really don't know how to create or measure any return from my effort."

What I try to to convince them of, is that this is an opportunity to be yourself! As this post mentions, it doesn't have to be about creative/stealth marketing techniques, this is simply communication and an extension of your company culture. People respond to the human side of a business, which is so easily lost in the digital age and in Ecommerce, and that is exactly why social networks are so important.

What is very exciting to me, is that we are now getting to the point that Ecommerce and social interaction/networks are becoming seamlessly intertwined. Shopping online is becoming more and more like a trip to the mall with your best friends.
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How important is social media to the success of your business?
Highly -- Social media is essential to our business model.
Somewhat -- We do see benefit from social media, but without it our operations would continue.
Minimally -- We're on social media because that's expected, though it's influence on our success is negligible.
Not at All -- Social media is not useful to our business.