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Re: Adobe Gives Apple Some Sugar
Posted by: Kimberly Hill 2010-05-14 11:12:41
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Is it sarcastic, ironic or just a bit disingenuous? A rotating splash screen on the company's main Web page displays a variety of "We Love" slogans, changing just the word after the heart. Adobe announces that it [hearts] not only Apple but also "HTML5," "authoring code only once," and, ultimately, "freedom of choice." A "learn more" link takes visitors to an open letter by Adobe cofounders Chuck Geschke and John Warnok, who take pointed swipes at Apple, asking "who owns the Web?" Their conclusion: "Certainly not a single company."

stick 'em
Posted by: mee 2010-06-04 05:09:33 In reply to: Kimberly Hill
... while Adobe gave the stick to XP users. Masochists, Win7 users, benefited from a CS5 upgrade to premiere. yay?

freedom of choice? I choose to remove the licensing garbage: adobe applications load- and run much faster that way.

who owns the web?

Akin to chinese fascism obama and his brown shirts hope to 'pwn' it really soon.

No amount of beating with a stick will coerce the sane to "upgrade" past XP. Hopefully apple will retain enough sense to leave OSX a viable option.

"Apple" removed from the "I heart" sequence
Posted by: dcoppins 2010-05-14 11:14:32 In reply to: Kimberly Hill
Loved the idea, but looks like Adobe has removed "I heart Apple" from its list of things it hearts. Adobe's choice or forced to remove?
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