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Re: Choosing Your Path to Data Center Efficiency
Posted by: Ashish Nadkarni 2010-04-07 11:40:36
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Companies have often focused on projects that save costs -- both operational and capital -- across a wide range of IT functions. The one area where companies have generally shied away from making any drastic changes has been in the area of data center buildout and operations. This area, in most cases, has been handled in a traditional manner, in that it is generally a sunk cost necessary to keep things running. One could not have blamed them either. Traditionally, IT hardware has not been space efficient.

Virtual environments
Posted by: LisaDreher_Logicalis 2010-04-07 11:52:47 In reply to: Ashish Nadkarni
Hi Ashish,

Thanks for the insightful article and great points. At Logicalis, we emphasize (like you mentioned) that the key to an optimal virtualized environment is component compatibility and the use of widely recognized standards. You're right, the biggest success is when you standardize your hardware platform and your software environment as much as you can -- the same hypervisors, the same underlying hardware and all those pieces.

Thanks again for the article!
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