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Re: E-Tailers Should Act Fast to Comply With Colorado's New Tax Law
Posted by: Marvin A. Kirsner 2010-03-11 07:44:36
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Legislation signed into law on February 24 will have a profound effect on e-commerce and catalog companies that sell to customers in Colorado. Companies that do not collect Colorado sales tax must notify their Colorado customers that they are obligated to file a use tax return to pay the sales and use tax themselves. It also requires them to send out an annual information statement. In addition, out-of-state e-commerce companies with related companies (for example, subsidiaries or sister corporations) in the state must collect sales tax.

Collecting tax
Posted by: rderleth 2010-03-16 10:27:18 In reply to: Marvin A. Kirsner
I sell gift baskets which ship all across the U.S. I have about 120 customers (people that order) that live in Colorado (billing address) but ship to different locations (states). What taxes am I responsible for to collect? Is it on all orders placed by customers in Colorado or all orders shipping into Colorado that were placed from different states or only orders placed by people living in Colorado shipping to Colorado? It's confusing!

Small player
Posted by: cantante 2010-03-12 17:24:52 In reply to: Marvin A. Kirsner
It will be interesting to see how many etailers decide that doing business with Coloradans is just not worth it. It would be one thing if Colorado were a California or a New York in terms of population...

Big Brother Fails Again
Posted by: eSmartStores 2010-03-11 14:20:17 In reply to: Marvin A. Kirsner
That's one of the most clueless things I've heard in a long time. There's no way Colorado can expect merchants outside their jurisdiction to comply with their local laws. They need to police their own citizens themselves. What would happen if merchants had to comply with laws from every jurisdiction on the planet?! Besides, what right do they have to tax products from merchants who neither receive benefit of that taxation nor have representation in that state. NONE!
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