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Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: ECT News 2001-04-30 18:25:30
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The Internet was supposed to allow us to have a
world without borders. A world in which a guy in New
Jersey could buy tea from London and sweaters from
Switzerland with a few simple keystrokes.

Unfortunately, the borderless nature of the World
Wide Web -- arguably the attribute that
makes it so attractive to electronic commerce --
has become one of the most dangerous things about it.

Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: JP 2001-05-02 14:37:36 In reply to: ECT News
AVS is fine for billing verification. As a means to limit fraud, it leaves much to be desired. Restricting customer delivery options is an easy way to send customers scurrying off to the brick and mortar shops. Imagine an online florist trying to work within the model you're proposing. How much money is he likely to make? Think about it. I'm at work (accepting deliveries)all day, I'm going to send my package to my home where there's no one to receive it(or perhaps I'm to remain at "the billing address" until it arrives)? Once the courier misses me, I'm going to ride to "the Lost City" to pick it up? Maybe once, but after that the bricks look pretty good to me.

Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: Zaki 2001-06-15 00:13:45 In reply to: JP
Trustmark companies such as Trust-e, BBB Online (Better Business Bureau), ConsumerTrust are ensuring that the merchants exist, and are reliable and ethical. It also includes privacy policies to protect consumers.

Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: Julia Yeo 2001-05-01 21:54:26 In reply to: ECT News
Traditional business with weak internal controls will have themselves dealing with employee frauds. Singapore Airlines in Singapore, Alan Bond's Case in Australia and many others, are just the some of the cases that have been reported. E-commerce, on the other hand, at its infancy, exposes not only its weak links internally but also externally because this is the World wide web we are talking about here. And there is never going to be a 100% web. Therefore it is unfair to say that "fraud is allowed to happen". Rather, I believe, in my most humble opinion, that it's just a matter of whether or not your firm is being a target and how strongs your deterrants are.

Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: terry 2001-05-01 10:34:57 In reply to: ECT News
I have a question to ask all of the readers. I know in the article it is mentioned that ecommerce sites can verify the billing address for a credit card. I use the procedure to verify US billing address' however I have been told that you cannot verify international ones. Does anyone know how to do this, is there even a way to do it? Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.

Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: Al Cameron 2001-05-01 14:25:17 In reply to: terry
The AVS that US merchants use to verify addresses is only available in the USA. It is my understanding that the UK has a similar way to verify UK cards but you would need a UK payment processor. European countries are pushing to use the new cvvs form of verification for credit card purchases. Unfortunately the use of the Internet to sell goods and services are in its infancy stages and thieves seem to have the upper hand on most companies and individuals that are trying to expand their sales to include a worldwide base. Since most companies have inadequate protection, law enforcement is also put at a disadvantage. Al Cameron Credit/Loss Prevention Manager Digital River, Inc.

Re: Open Web for the World Wide Thief
Posted by: maureen 2001-05-01 14:17:54 In reply to: terry
The banking systems outside of the US do not provide AVS, although there are some very select providers outside the US - AZ Bertelsmann Direct (direct marketer in Germany) for Germany, AUstria and Switzerland.

AVS IS NOT in my opinion the way to manage on-line credit card fraud risk. A multi-phase strategy (our company has FIVE) helps to detect, prevent and prosecute (goodness forbid).

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