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Re: Studios Add DVD, Digital Options to Goose Blu-ray Sales
Posted by: Ryan Nakashima 2009-12-19 04:40:37
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Although prices for some Blu-ray players dropped below US$100 this holiday season, customers are hesitating to jump into the next-generation video format. Even people who already own Blu-ray players are still buying movies on DVDs. One big reason: Blu-ray discs won't play on standard DVD players found in cars, computers and bedrooms. Now Hollywood -- which is banking on the pricier Blu-ray discs to help lift sagging home video sales -- is stepping up its efforts to win customers.

3 D applications should help Blu-Ray.
Posted by: MPrck 2009-12-19 05:07:28 In reply to: Ryan Nakashima
While I have 2 Blu-Ray players hooked to my Big Screen TV, I have only rented 2 films in the past year. Hollywood has so far dropped the ball on Blu-Ray, as there is no real compelling film to rent, let alone buy out there. Hollywood's latest thing of doing covers of Great Asian films is a total disaster, as they take a great film, and mess it up with the American Star system. I think right now the Japanese Dramas, and Films cannot be beat, nor duplicated with American actors.

That said, 3D applications hold the key for Blu-Ray going ballistic. Not so much with films, but with Video games, and Web content. So I will wait till then to buy the Sony Playstation. Blu-Ray has been such a bust with me I won't get one on my next computer, but will opt for a huge processor, and like wise graphics card, with lots of on board ram, and video ram.
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