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Re: SSL Certificates: Safety, Nuisance or Both?
Posted by: Mike Pearson 2009-12-16 16:55:22
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When stumbling around the Web in search of a new toaster or a great deal on a new pair of sneakers, it's not unusual for consumers to come across ominous policy dialogs warning of mismatched or expired SSL certificates. In fact, recent surveys have shown nearly 20 percent, or even more, of popular Web sites may have certificate problems that would lead to errors. Many users ignore the often-confusing warnings entirely, research shows, trusting that a Web site's professional look or other factors mean it's the real deal. Others run scared.

Be careful out there... ain't it the truth!
Posted by: tobygalino 2009-12-16 17:07:29 In reply to: Mike Pearson
My tip will sound familiar. "err on the side of caution". Easier said than done since we can get caught up in the moment and let our guard down.

At VeriSign we're encouraging people to use as many different encryption methods as possible, to protect against the various types of attacks.

Choosing a strong password is essential, but it would be nice if more websites aside from financial institutions allowed their users to log-in with two-factor authentication.

Layering security technologies such as EV SSL, 2FA, would be a more effective approach, would provide more protection and ease the frequency of attacks.
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