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Re: Making Micro-Payment Models Work Online
Posted by: Conrad Sheehan 2009-11-02 05:29:58
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Forecasts for the magnitude of online micro-payments can whet the appetite of any profit-minded businessperson. However, cracking that code is more complicated than one thinks. There is little question as to whether sub-US$5 products can be sold in mass volume, but the lynchpin to opening the floodgates of micro-payments may very well be payment method. Micro-payment business models work, and they work profitably. Some of the largest fortunes in America have been built on sales through micro-payments.

Processing micropayments
Posted by: Gidi 2009-11-03 08:42:41 In reply to: Conrad Sheehan
I would not bet on ACH as the infrastructure on which the solution for the micropayment industry will be built.

Alternative solutions, such as cellular, already solve part of the industry needs, yet the big breakthrough will take place once the credit card associations decide to make it happen.

Read the full article: http://www.creditcardprocessing-r-us.com/Credit_Card_Processing_Blog/2009/11/what-stops-the-online-micropayment-industry-from-breaking-through/

Gidi Argov, Founder and CEO
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