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Re: McCain Locks Horns With FCC on Net Neutrality
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2009-10-24 10:03:38
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Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has introduced the Internet Freedom Act of 2009, legislation that would negate many of the principles underlying the concept of Net neutrality, which aims to ensure that Internet users have equal and unfettered access to all services available on the Web. The McCain bill calls for continued unfettered competition for Internet activity, with exceptions carved out for homeland security. Its introduction follows a vote by the FCC on Thursday to begin developing rules that would codify earlier guidance on Net neutrality.

Internet Freedom Act
Posted by: wolfman2100 2009-10-24 10:39:46 In reply to: Erika Morphy
The Internet Freedom Act (IFA), is just another thing for the government to get their foot into the use of a marketing media to which they have yet to find a way to attain supremacy. For years the promise of the United States' main principal "Freedom of Speech" has been put under the microscope of federal agencies and senators. Our Freedom of Speech has been reduced to being free ONLY if we the people allow those in office to run the country how THEY want and turn a blind eye when they want us to.

I am just a regular citizen, I have no speculations about conspiracy or the like at all. I believe that if anyone should be allowed to put guidelines on the internet it should be those who are directly involved with the coding and programming. Politicians have NO right to put rules on a global access point. They CAN however put more restrictions on government databases and information.

I am not a registered voter mainly because the citizen's votes are no longer what matter. While I was in Japan during my time in the military, the Washington State governor election ballets were held. Three times the votes were counted, and twice our current governor lost the polls. On the third count however she won, then governor Locke said "The winner is..." because Locke was of the same political party as the current Governor. Later it was found out that ghost votes had been entered during the last recount which has been illegal for the past several generations. Instead of booting her out of office (like many Washington citizens wanted her to be)and giving it to the "true" winner of the polls, she was allowed to stay in office.

Whether or not what I am saying makes any sense to anyone or not does not matter. If I get a knock on my door by someone who has NO right to be at my house it will be known. I have no interest in politics or anything else that many of us mistrust, I am only saying what needs to be said and what many are afraid to.

One voice may be easily silenced, but when hundreds cry out the world changes.
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