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Re: Priceline Is Weak Sauce for Shatner's Hype
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2009-10-23 07:18:02
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As I got ready to jump off at the next stop on my whirlwind tour of travel-planning Web sites, I found myself in the grip of something close to excitement. Trying out Priceline.com was going to be a new experience for me as well -- but it already felt familiar, thanks to my beloved William Shatner (hello, fellow Trekkies) and his branding of the site. Based on the ubiquitous commercials I'd been exposed to, I was looking forward to -- indeed, expecting -- all kinds of deals.

Priceline responds to E-Commerce Times Review
Posted by: Brianrek 2009-10-27 11:39:02 In reply to: Erika Morphy
Is it possible to review a product without trying it? E-Commerce Times evidently thinks so, after publishing a piece in which the author, Erika Morphy, questions Priceline's deal-making abilities without making a single bid.

Customers who use Priceline's Name Your Own Price services can save up to 50% on airline tickets, up to 50% on hotels and up to 40% on rental cars. And yes, you do have to provide a credit card before we can shop an offer for you. If we find a travel supplier willing to accept your bid, we book it on the spot.

FYI, the $89.25 Phoenix airfare and $39.25 New Orleans airfare are simply the totals of Ms. Morphy's contemplated bid plus taxes and fees. There were no airlines willing to accept her price since she didn't complete the bidding process. And somebody did pay $236 for a booking at the Willard within the last 30 days.

Priceline - Airfares NO - Hotels YES!!!!!
Posted by: tony4life 2009-10-23 07:26:26 In reply to: Erika Morphy
I learned long ago about the risks of booking flights through Priceline.com. I never did so but I do know a couple of people that didn't like the cheap airline they were booked into and the number of stops (2) to fly half-way across the country from the California coast.

The great news is the quality of hotels one can book through the Priceline site! I've never been disappointed with my results! Whenever I want a nice hotel at the upper levels, I end up with elegant hotels at about half the price. That means that sometimes I'm surrounded by luxury for the price of a motel! In the last seven years, I've only had one situation where the hotel was very full that weekend and the room I got was supposed to be a non-smoking room but still smelled like smoke. They sent a maid with an industrial spray to take care of it with a sincere apology. You see, the hotel staff only knows you booked through Priceline and not how much you actually are paying for the room. So, even if you get a $200 a night room for $89, they don't know so they go ahead and treat you like a "big shot" anyway. If you're looking for a nice motel for a family road trip, just go direct to the chain's website. Priceline's forte is the nicer hotels. Good luck!
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