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In today's highly competitive market, online presence is essential for every company's success and growth. A high ranking in search engine results not only brings targeted traffic and increases conversions, but also establishes a business as an authority in a particular industry. With Google being one of the most credible sources of information in the world and its number of searches reaching more than 6.8 billion per month, investing in search engine optimization has become a necessity. Users rarely go beyond the top 30 results on search engine pages.

Translating translation
Posted by: tomedes 2009-10-09 06:06:31 In reply to: Orad Elkayam
The difference between good and great in multilingual SEO is in the quality of the translation.
Using machine translation like Google translation will simply not work. You can get a low cost translation by native speakers today for a low cost and high quality. Try Tomedes.com or similar services.

Taking Advantage of Multi-lingual SEO
Posted by: cgnut 2009-10-08 15:57:25 In reply to: Orad Elkayam
This is a very important topic for anyone serious about increasing their website's global user page views and page rank.

However to take the topic even further. The first step in benefiting from MSEO is having your entire site translated. I decided to do this automatically with my website. I was able to not only translate my domestic content automatically for visitors, but I automatically indexed and page ranked my content in search engines and greatly boosted my original global traffic (e.g.- page views).

There are different tools that accomplish this (I found success with www.nativetung.com). Nonetheless, nice to see more attention being placed on this topic of leveraging SEO in foreign markets.
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