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Re: Is ICANN Cooking Up a Storm?
Posted by: Frederick Felman 2009-08-11 05:55:27
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While it would be difficult to define a single theme of meetings as diverse and sometimes as contentious as the recent ICANN consultation sessions in July in New York and London, the most broadly based concern was clear. Rights holders, whether they own trademarks and brand names, or whether they own other intellectual property on the Internet, are worried that the new top-level domains proposed by ICANN will create an opportunity to cause even more problems than we have already with the current system.

diluting the web
Posted by: dallas-web-design 2009-08-11 06:10:29 In reply to: Frederick Felman
I feel like adding all these top level domains would end up causing more confusion in the market place. While consumers are still learning more about the web, how to use it, and how to talk about it - I am constantly amazed at the low level of understanding that people still have about using the web.

Adding all of these top levels will only cause the average user to get further confused (along with all the brand rights ownerships law suits that will also spring up with it, although I am sure attorneys would love to see this go through)

Was there any talk about the length of the top level? Still 3 letters? Now up to whatever? How will that change all of the programming out there?

What happens when there are two brands in different industries with the same name? He who reserves first gets it or do they default to which is bigger? All-in-all I think if they are going to do this (Which I kind of hope they don't) I hope it is a first-come first served basis - I'll just have to be one of the ones that makes sure I am sitting waiting when those become available for purchase.
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