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Re: Digital Certificates - Don't Do Business Online Without Them
Posted by: John Adams 2009-08-07 14:19:25
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When you conduct business online -- whether it's selling merchandise through a Web site or simply using email for company communication, there is some level of digital risk. The Web has enabled instant global access to conduct business remotely like never before in history. Personal meetings allow you to securely exchange physical documents and information, as well as positively identify the person with whom you're doing business. The downside of remote commerce is the inability to conduct business face to face. To address this risk, digital certificates were created.

De-identified (credit card data)
Posted by: bryanjohnson 2009-08-07 14:28:54 In reply to: John Adams
John - another good security practice on top of digital certificates is to de-identify data where possible, and especially the most sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Using tokenization, businesses can replace credit card data with a unique identifiers that can then be used for future transactions.

Taking this approach, even if a business is breached, no sensitive credit card data is present to be stolen. Plus, it will reduce the scope of compliance requirements that would otherwise apply. To see a 4 minute video on this, visit braintreepci.com
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