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Re: RadioShack Touches Up Gray Hairs With Rebranding Hoopla
Posted by: Mike Pearson 2009-08-04 14:54:31
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One of the nation's most venerable electronics retailers wants to update its image by calling itself "The Shack" in an upcoming branding campaign, announced Monday. "We have tremendous equity in consumers' minds around cables, parts and batteries, but it's critically important that we help them to understand the role that we play in keeping people connected in this highly mobile world," said RadioShack chief marketing officer Lee Applbaum.

I'd worry more about appearances at the store level!
Posted by: tony4life 2009-08-04 15:10:34 In reply to: Mike Pearson
Whenever I've gone into a Radio Shack store, Iíve noticed that there is a standard thatís been maintained for decades. The typical store is very plain and thereís rarely anything in the windows that I would consider leading edge on display. No matter what part of the country youíre in, the sales staff is usually in the traditional dress of the techo-geek. White shirt, clip on tie, trousers, and usually sneakers that tone down the serious technical image are the reason people used to go to R.S. stores in the first place. It was where you could get serious technical information when you needed it and pay reasonable prices. Radio Shack is respected but not popular. Why? Because they have a perception problem to anyone under 50. Thanks to the Internet, people can usually get their tech information online then go to the store for the item or part they want. I believe R.S. should update the look of their stores, start issuing more casual shirts to their staff and train their people to smile and give people a good time! Why? Because when I go into any of the stores of one of their competitors, Iím greeted at the door, people are in comfortable clothing, and they can actually hold a conversation with you instead of just finding you the item only. If I were the execs at ďThe ShackĒ Iíd worry more about whatís going on inside the store than the new logo and slogans that will end up in their advertising. If the stores donít update their image and customer relations, they will slowly fade away. It would be a shame because R.S. has been there for us by providing parts and items that we want and still maintaining a small-town feel to their stores. Itís no longer the 1900ís R.S! I donít need a big box store but please, itís time to update your spirit!
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