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Re: Tweeting From the Courtroom
Posted by: Javad Heydary 2009-07-24 06:42:09
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Since its conception in 2006, Twitter has gained considerable notoriety and publicity worldwide. Recently, Twitter played a major role in capturing the political developments following the 2009 Iranian presidential elections, as well as the social zeitgeist surrounding the passing and subsequent memorial of Michael Jackson. The use of Twitter is also gaining popularity in the legal sphere. Reporting via Twitter from the courtroom is the fastest-growing trend in the coverage of the United States justice system.

twitter is boring
Posted by: sandyviv 2009-07-24 10:15:53 In reply to: Javad Heydary
i still dont understand who wants to know what you are doing every single minute...the concept of twitter might be appealing to some but majority of them just sign in to twitter out of curosity.they dont stick to it for a long time, you get bored easily, there is nothing much to do in twitter, just update your tweets. i prefer normal social networking sites as there is lots to explore and you could spent time without getting bored.
there is a new site - http://atflashback.com which has caught my eye...i find this site interesting and there is lot to do in it without getting bored.
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