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Re: E-tailers Get By With a Little Help From Friends
Posted by: Paul A. Greenberg 2001-08-22 18:31:11
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The latest best friends in the world of
multichannel sales are and Circuit City. The
news that the e-tail leader and the electronics giant are joining forces should come as
no surprise to observers of the dot-com landscape. Powerful alliances
are what it's all about, especially now that e-tailers are scrambling to redefine
e-commerce in the wake of the dot-com shakeout.

Alliances. Now there's a word that may just be the saving grace for online shopping.
Is there a company going it alone on the Net these days? Or is e-commerce now all
about co-marketing, further obscuring the barriers between brick-and-mortar
and online sellers?

Re: E-tailers Get By With a Little Help From Friends
Posted by: John P. Cohn 2001-08-22 19:06:10 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
Your opinion is respectable, but I believe taking risks is part of business. If you have to plan an alliance protecting every issue that can end in a fraud or problem, probably the end would be no agreement between the parts. This does not mean no protection is necessary. When you get to a bump in a negotiation one of the parts has to allow the partner to win looking forward in gaining profit together. This can be the case of this alliance.

John Phillippe Cohn

Re: E-tailers Get By With a Little Help From Friends
Posted by: Donna Robinson 2001-08-22 18:45:12 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
This is rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic for Amazon. Why on earth would I need to order online if I can go to the store anyway to pick the item up? I would much rather go to the store, examine the choices and pick one. Unless it is some little thing like CDs or something. I don't see the benefit here for Amazon, but I think it is great for Circuit City, lots more exposure, and another outlet for them. Buy CC stock....sell amazon.
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