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Re: eBay's New Contact Policy Draws Mixed Reaction
Posted by: ECT News 2001-04-26 19:44:53
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The recent policy change by eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY)
that will give the Net auction giant more control over online
contacts between eBay users was greeted with both optimism and
anger in the Web auction community.

"It's a very good first start," Peter Beruk, vice president in charge of anti-piracy for the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), told the E-Commerce Times on Thursday. However, Beruk added that he was "a little hesitant about the ultimate success of the measure."

Re: eBay's New Contact Policy Draws Mixed Reaction
Posted by: Denise White 2001-12-12 09:54:34 In reply to: ECT News
Ebay is letting car wholesalers unload cars to the retailer. Wholesalers do not have a retailers licence. They have descriptions like "see any imperfections in the pictures" if you ask for information the wholesaler does not respond. Ebay makes it hard to let them know what's going on and when you alert them you get no response. Ebay does have control over letting car wholesalers sell retail - they just can not do this - it's the law. Ebay needs to keep it clean. Also they are asking for money before you pick up the car and state the deposit is not refundable. Maybe the MVD needs to pay them a call.

Re: eBay's New Contact Policy Draws Mixed Reaction
Posted by: Rob Lund 2001-11-20 23:59:32 In reply to: ECT News
Speaking as a "pioneer" of eBay auctions, both buying and
selling since 1997, I would like to say that I think
that eBay has taken a giant step backwards. I'm not
quite sure what this agenda is about, I only know that
when I was a frequent seller, it was a piece of cake
to list an auction. I haven't sold anything on eBay
for a year or so, but have purchased several items as
recently as last week. Thank God the purchase procedure
hasn't changed as much as the selling! My God! I tried
to list some collectible golf clubs yesterday and I
felt like I was going thru the Inquisition! I have
never answered so many questions for anything in my
55 years on this planet. Then, after over 2 hours of
slogging thru the ordeal of listing the items, I was
informed by eBay that my account was inactive and I was
to reactivate and relist. Now, why in Hell didn't they
tell me that before I spent all that time filling in
their blanks that never existed before? Boo, Hiss,
and Nix to Ebay for yours truly. I'll take my stuff to
the local flea market like the old days!
Disgusted and Forgotten,

Re: eBay's New Contact Policy Draws Mixed Reaction
Posted by: HAROLD CLARK 2001-09-06 01:40:53 In reply to: ECT News
After I list an item on eBay and I have a reserve on it and it does not reach its reserve, I then relist the item. It does not reach its reserve again, I then contact the high bidder and ask if he or she would like to purchase the item for the amount of their bid. I have fulfilled my contract with eBay, where do they get off telling me I can not offer the item at that point to the high bidder. It is not my fault that eBay's system was not capable of getting the true value of the item.

It is just a ploy to get every dime they can get their hands on. I hope someone comes along that is not so greedy and starts an auction site that will compete with eBay.

Re: eBay's New Contact Policy Draws Mixed Reaction
Posted by: Bryan Kennedy 2001-09-06 20:43:02 In reply to: HAROLD CLARK
The problem is that eBay was first, and happened to get the user base first. Unfortunately for us, it is also the slowest, ugliest, most poorly-managed company/site. There are countless other sites out there that do the job better, but alas, have no users.

Re: eBay's New Contact Policy Draws Mixed Reaction
Posted by: Jack 2001-04-26 19:47:08 In reply to: ECT News
WHY DOESN"T EBAY HAVE A 1800 number to call them? THEY ARE SOOOOOOO SLOW TO RESPOND TO EMAILS. I've Emailed them 7 times in the past 1 week and not 1 respond from them. I think they have one of the worst service ever. Any can help me out with a contact number? Thank You!


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