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Re: US Broadband Access Plan Inches Forward
Posted by: Mike Pearson 2009-06-11 14:54:16
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The Federal Communications Commission has closed the first round of comment on its national broadband plan initiative, a requirement of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. The FCC must deliver a completed plan to Congress by February 2010 showing the way to more widespread broadband adoption nationwide. The framework incorporates discussions of ways to bring more broadband service to rural areas and directives to update the nation's broadband infrastructure to accommodate the increasing use of electronic health records.

this is key...
Posted by: DaveCO 2009-06-11 15:18:10 In reply to: Mike Pearson
'"This doesn't mean that network operators should be precluded from engaging in reasonable network management...but we think that network operators should disclose these management practices and privacy policies clearly.'"

If there will ever be national broadband service, or even a network of smaller independent ISPs that provide the same breadth of access, there will have to be some compromise between network neutrality and network optimization. Many of our clients are trying to balance these demands and their management practices are not greed and profit driven as they are often made out to be by hardcore net neutrality enthusiasts. The bottom line is that a handful of bandwidth-intensive users can negatively impact the QoS for everyone else on a network. This is especially true in rural areas and with smaller ISPs. It essentially comes down to implementing some sort of network optimization device or having everyone else suffer. Our suggestion to all of our customers is exactly what's stated above -- as long as you're upfront with your users, putting the majority's interest ahead of a small minority of bandwidth hogs is closer to net neutrality than allowing a few people to bog down an unregulated network.
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