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Re: EMC World 2009 - Traveling the Cloud's Byways
Posted by: Charles King 2009-06-02 05:24:03
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The recession's effects on technology budgets, corporate belt-tightening and simple business survival have been well-documented, but less attention has been paid to how IT industry client and developer conferences can help end customers stabilize or even improve their situations. Make no mistake -- the economy is affecting attendance and participation at 2009 events. Organizations are trimming spending deeply, even radically, in order to bolster cash reserves and preserve financial resources -- but even a tourniquet needs occasional loosening.

Let's get real
Posted by: Grannelle 2009-06-02 13:00:10 In reply to: Charles King
The statement that "real-world collaboration and face-to-face engagements still drive business for the vast majority of organizations" is little more than a load of goat manure. The entire emphasis of the event was virtualization. Why couldn't a live webcast of the event have been presented, available for later downloaded viewing? This would have averted costs in fuel, lost time at work, and numerous other expenses. The real reason for "real-world collaboration and face-to-face engagements" is little more than the opportunity to have a few drinks together as well as to squander time in more illicit activities. Let's not kid ourselves. The technology is available and should be utilized. But perhaps that little shared toddy and the chasing of t*** is more important to the "driv(ing of) business for the vast majority of organizations.
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