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Re: Walmart.com Opens College Bookstore
Posted by: Lori Enos 2001-08-16 13:23:31
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Walmart.com, the e-commerce arm of retail giant Wal-Mart, opened an online college
bookstore Wednesday, offering students discounts of up to 30 percent on more than 300,000
titles, including textbooks, study guides and graduate school guides.

Walmart.com's toughest competition in the online college book market will probably not
come from Amazon.com, but from Barnesandnoble.com and eFollett.com, the e-commerce arms
of Barnes & Noble and Follett, respectively. Barnes & Noble and Follett manage 74 percent
of the 1,384 campus bookstores in the U.S., according to the NACS.

Re: Walmart.com Opens College Bookstore
Posted by: John Brown 2001-08-16 15:48:02 In reply to: Lori Enos
Absolutely on the mark story. Anyone that has followed the recent demise of the many, many online textbook retailers including Big Words, Varsitybooks, and many others would not seriously think about entering this market. Unless Walmart is willing to eat the cost of shipping and returns which will substantially diminish its profits it stands very little chance of success in this venture.

Re: Walmart.com Opens College Bookstore
Posted by: Erie Haskett 2001-08-16 14:09:08 In reply to: Lori Enos
Dear Lori:

I think you are being short-sighted and not thinking in real terms. College students frequent Wal-Mart on a regular basis. So some signs on the inside of each store at the entrance will help. I just graduated from college and the great thing about college these days happens to be the internet. Almost all professors post their syllabuses online. Within the syllabus the professor lists the materials needed including the textbook. Almost all students I ran with bought their books ahead of the semester. So buying books from Wal-Mart will be no inconvenience. Besides, we can always sell the books back to the bookstore and lose less money because we purchased them for less at Wal-Mart.

Just a note, Wal-Mart did not build their business by spending a large amount of their budget on advertising. In fact, you the media, was really on our case because we did not spend generously on advertising. Wal-Mart took longer to grow in the beginning than K-Mart and Target, but look what happened in the long run.

It really does me a lot of good to see intelligent people, like yourself, in the media say a lot of stupid things. Your article is just an example of this. Next time, do your homework!!!!!!!


Re: Walmart.com Opens College Bookstore
Posted by: johngardner 2009-08-27 12:05:34 In reply to: Erie Haskett
Life can be hard when everyone around you is stupid. The good thing is that you will soon realize as you grow older that everyone is not so stupid and that you just have a bad attitude.

Re: Walmart.com Opens College Bookstore
Posted by: College Grad 2001-08-16 16:21:33 In reply to: Erie Haskett
Hi Erie,

Nice to see that some college grads are here on the boards. Although, you might want to check the plural of syllabus, it is syllabi. Same rule as octopus and cactus.

Maybe your experience was different than mine, but most students did not purchase their books in advance. Many professors were not certain of exactly what text would be used until the class began.

So, it really wouldn't matter whether the fine folks at Walmart provided text books.

Also, in your critique of KMart and Target, you didn't establish any criteria that we can use to compare them to Walmart. So your statement about looking at what happened in the "long run" is really useless. Not to mention that both companies are completely viable. I won't bring up the Dayton-Hudson connection either.

I guess that what I am saying is that it does me a lot of good when people fly off the handle and make foolish statements. Then again, as a 5 and dime attorney that is how I make my living.

Walmart will probably get slammed here unless they learn from the mistakes of the past, especially given their poor online track record.

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