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Re: Palm Pre Shortage: Supply Chain Slip-Up or Retail Fairy Tale?
Posted by: Renay San Miguel 2009-05-23 14:30:36
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Depending on which technology blog you read, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is either engaging in pre-Palm Pre marketing hype or covering up some major smartphone production problems. Hesse told an industry conference audience earlier this week that he expected shortages "for a while" when the Pre launches at retail June 6, according to a report. He credited early demand for the company's decision to forgo a major advertising campaign focused on the upcoming Palm touchscreen smartphone.

Running out of units - Ha!
Posted by: Fastwalking 2009-05-27 11:54:37 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
The rumour is that the investors at Palm are so concerned about a potential flop they would not allow a full-out production of the device - not until sales justify it later in the year. Kind of a "self fulfiling prophecy" - don't build too many in case it doesnt sell and it can't sell because there arent enough units. I'd almost swear there must be someone from Apple on their marketing board. (or just the same dumb-asses that decided to throw all their resources at "Foleo")

Shortage of the PRE
Posted by: mitchr 2009-05-26 06:47:06 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
I say it is combination of 1)conservative inventory - this can be a huge success or put Palm into bankrupcy. I think they are not investing cash they don't have yet.
2) Excellent marketing. Even if they have a ton of the product ready to ship......creating artificial demand and urgency by stating a possible shortage is smart!

Excellet marketing?????
Posted by: Fastwalking 2009-05-27 21:35:18 In reply to: mitchr
It's only smart when you have a fall-back position and Palm does not. There are so many cool phones coming to market in June/July that people turned away by a shortage at Palm/Sprint will simply go to the new iphone or N86 or N97 or Curve or .....whatever - theres lots of great choices coming out. Palm will screw itself dead just like last time.
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