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Re: Why the New Economy Is Far from Dead
Posted by: Kevin Maney 2001-08-09 13:42:59
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We love to curse the New Economy. Oh, do we feel betrayed. All that
Internet stuff -- look where it got us. Laid off. Bankrupt. Thinking
Krispy Kreme is a hot investment opportunity.

Sir Walter Raleigh probably felt such betrayal about the New World
after he lost his colony at Roanoke. All that promise. All that supposed
upside. And what did the New World get him? His entire investment went
south. Later, back in England, he got executed, which is sort of the
16th century equivalent of us getting laid off.

Re: Why the New Economy Is Far from Dead
Posted by: Gergely 2001-08-16 09:57:05 In reply to: Kevin Maney
Dear All,

I would like to ask for your help instead of comments. I am preparing a material concerning E-commerce with the following bullet points:

1. Business expectations, marketing dreams: a brief outlook into today's reality of B2C and B2B
2. Organisational requirements for doing e-business successfully
3. Main shortfalls in practice - why e-business is facing similar problems as "normal" companies
4. Effective ways to organise the business to run at profit

If you have comments or any kind of useful material concerning these questions, please e-mail me.

Thank you indeed for your kindness,

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