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Re: Digital Music - What Napster Coined
Posted by: Paul A. Greenberg 2001-08-09 01:58:38
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Perhaps the most ironic development in the ongoing struggle of music file-sharing service
Napster is that the site spawned an entire industry of digital music.

Because Napster has found itself more focused on litigation than on doing business, its
archrivals in the recording industry have stepped up. In a matter of weeks, Napster could
well be overshadowed by the very corporate giants it sought
to displace with its business model.

Re: Digital Music - What Napster Coined
Posted by: Mehboob 2001-08-09 02:10:39 In reply to: Paul A. Greenberg
Sure, music artists need to be compensated for their creations. And that is what Napster ignored. I'd be interested in knowing if the music companies would compensate Shawn for showing them a whole new market and marketing opportunity, which heretofore had been completely ignored by them.

Instead of working with Napster, towards the legitimisation of this file-swapping service, they've created more monsters now than they can handle.

Given that there will always be an underground system existing for a legit one, will the forays of the music companies, e.g. PressPlay, work?

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