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Re: Auctions Top Online Fraud Complaints
Posted by: Rob Conlin 2001-08-08 07:13:20
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Online auction houses have taken the dubious honor of generating the most fraud cases on the Internet, according to a survey taken by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Re: Auctions Top Online Fraud Complaints
Posted by: TiredofLies 2002-07-22 04:15:22 In reply to: Rob Conlin
I am really tired of this propaganda crap. Any seller who sells on the Internet auction market knows that the real fraud that needs investigation is BUYER FRAUD. How many cases of that do you think happen every day to innocent sellers trying to make a living on these sites? Way too much. And I don't doubt for a minute that the information put out by this ridiculously WRONG article is generated by Ebay and such auction communities who wish to keep the TRUTH about what really goes on on those sites private. They need the dead-beat bidders to increase shares. They don't care if the buyers don't pay the sellers. Ebay even ran a program once offering buyer points to people who would just come and bid. They didn't have to legally honor their bids, which is a crime. GET REAL AMERICA AND STOP LISTENING TO THE PRESS. It is all PAID FOR and you are listening to NOTHING but propaganda MONEY speaking. NO TRUTH. THERE IS NO FREEDOM IN AMERICA ANY MORE.

Re: Auctions Top Online Fraud Complaints
Posted by: JackBenimble 2002-07-22 11:19:21 In reply to: TiredofLies
Waaa! I am reading an article that is 18 months old and assuming that it was written yesterday.. Waaa! Life doesn't treat me the way I want it to, so I am going to cry about some amorphous conspiracy that is designed to keep me down. Waaa! I wish that I had enough self-esteem to do more than cry about nonsense.
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