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Re: Tobacco E-tailer Sued for Sales to Minors
Posted by: Lori Enos 2001-08-05 21:40:04
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Texas Attorney General John Cornyn said Wednesday that his office has filed suit to shut down a Virginia-based tobacco e-tailer, E-Commerce Today, that allegedly failed to take precautions to prevent the sale of tobacco products to Texas minors.

Cornyn said that E-Commerce Today's e-tail site, Supercheapcigarettes.com, failed to verify that online purchasers are at least 18 years old and that it allowed the delivery of cigarettes without ensuring that an adult over 18 signed for the purchase. "Those who fail to act responsibly to protect our children from tobacco marketing are threatening the health of our young people for profit, and the state of Texas will not tolerate that," Cornyn said.

Re: Tobacco E-tailer Sued for Sales to Minors
Posted by: Christine D 2001-08-05 22:00:21 In reply to: Lori Enos
While I certainly cannot argue that e-businesses such as this must do all they can to ensure they are not distributing to minors, I worry that the fallout from the lack thereof by some businesses will cause a panic, thereby forcing all of them out of business. As a smoker (and yes, I know it's bad for me, so are a lot of things no one is screaming to outlaw, so myob - it's my decision) I am thankful that these e-tailers are out there, and hope they stay.
The powers that be don't seem to realize that the easiest way to put the e-tailers out of business, if they really wanted to, would be to lower the punitive & excessive taxes attached to cigarettes in certain states. What if there was a 70+% tax on dish soap? No one would stand for it! But because of the product, users are horrendously overtaxed without any fuss. Ever hear of taxation without representation? New flash: I smoke AND I vote!

Re: Tobacco E-tailer Sued for Sales to Minors
Posted by: Philip Morris 2001-08-15 17:24:02 In reply to: Christine D
Personally I would like to see the taxes on smoking quadrupled. If I have to breathe the same air as you, then I want to make it difficult.

I hate your being able to kill me slowly.

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