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Re: Who's Afraid of an Internet Sales Tax?
Posted by: Keith Regan 2001-08-04 00:04:53
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As if the e-commerce sector weren't worried enough about the prospect of e-commerce taxes, along came Active Research on Wednesday to say that most Americans would cut back online spending if they had to pay taxes.

Re: Who's Afraid of an Internet Sales Tax?
Posted by: DWA 2003-02-09 02:08:27 In reply to: Keith Regan
Who's Afraid of an Internet Sales Tax? I am!
I'm just an average guy that started an online store to sell old games, cookbooks, anything I think is cool.
The hope is to grow the business into a operation that provides a comfortable income. So far I'm a one-man operation, and up until November 2002 I was getting orders on my web site occasionally. I supplemented that by selling on eBay. November everything changed. Since then, I've been getting orders every day. Which is great! But, there always is a but!
I find little time for things like family, recreation, sleep. That's to be expected if you go into business for yourself. Keeping up with all the State and Federal paperwork takes up valued time that could be devoted to selling.
What's it going to be like when I have to process sales tax info for 50 states?
I'm already seen web sites that will handle this for a fee. $1500.00 set up $250.00 per year.
Can I justify this expense when I sold just $13,000.00 worth of merchandise in 2002? I don't think so.
With shipping charges always increasing and adding a sales tax to the equation, it might just price me out of the online market.
I feel that this just might squash the new Millennium's American Dream!
If I have to process sales tax info for all 50 states, it's not worth my time. I'd make more if I became a Greeter at Wal-Mart. Sad but True.
In my opinion a web sales tax will kill all kinds of small Mom & Pop net sites.
Open to suggestions!

Re: Who's Afraid of an Internet Sales Tax?
Posted by: J.Booth 2001-10-17 00:17:39 In reply to: Keith Regan
E-tailers strutting around?!? Most E-tailers will be lucky to see another holiday shopping
season. On-line retailers are dropping like flies, most of them never having seen a profit.
The internet sales tax will simply kill off the remaining firms.
Here's a prediction: when Amazon closes the doors sometime in the next year or so,
on-line shopping can be considered to be dead. State Governors and local retailers will cheer.

Re: Who's Afraid of an Internet Sales Tax?
Posted by: parman 2001-08-14 19:44:44 In reply to: Keith Regan
To say that bricks and mortar retailers are at a disadvantage is not true. If I purchase a 20.00 cd or book online i'm ususally subject to shipping and handling charges, which are more than any jurisdictions sales tax in the U.S. These shipping charges clearly outweigh the benefit of saving on sales tax for a consumer. If you wan't to cry like a Democrate about fairness, than lets make all bricks and mortar purchases subject to shipping and handling charges, and lets make it real difficult to report and collect these charges so that more compliance audits are needed and business owners will have to waste money on CPA's to figure out the damn law and reporting requirments just as internet businesses would if there is a sales tax. C'mon stop your crying get educated do the math.

Re: Who's Afraid of an Internet Sales Tax?
Posted by: Marcus Hawthor 2001-08-04 00:32:18 In reply to: Keith Regan
I hope the inter net tax never comes about.Our government is the biggest busines monopoly in the world.Every time a new efficient way of conducting business comes along our wonderful government starts thinking up ways of taxing it.Example our wonderful government is now toying with the idea of taxing email, because the post office is loseing money. Why should consumers be forced to support a business that cant keep up with the current trends? If the post office were a private company it would have to reinvent itself or be replaced by another more efficient company, and for the excuse that the government is loseing valuable revenue to support local schools and other municipal projects, I dont buy it! Look at what the state governments did with the money they recieved from lottery's. They sqaundered it. Every time they get there gruby hands on new tax revenue they sqaunder it!We americans pay enough in employment taxes; state, federal, FICA, and the list goes on and on. I think we are entitled to save a little money here and there. I think we should tax the political figures who come up with these stupid greedy ideas, that would be enough revenue to buy everyone in the U.S. a new 200,000 dollar home.
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