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Re: Netflix Blows Up Blu-ray Pricing
Posted by: Michael Liedtke 2009-03-31 14:00:01
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Online DVD rental leader Netflix is raising its prices for Blu-ray discs in a change that will triple or quadruple the high-definition surcharge on Netflix's most popular subscription plans. The new rates announced Monday are being driven by the growing appetite for the Blu-ray format among Netflix's more than 10 million subscribers. About 1 million of the subscribers are requesting Blu-ray discs instead of standard DVDs, and Blu-ray discs cost about 30 percent more.

Cancelled my NetFlix Blu-Ray option
Posted by: ssarull 2009-03-31 14:18:23 In reply to: Michael Liedtke
For my $8.99 Netflix base plan, paying the new $2 premium for Blu-ray equals 22% increase in the monthly fee. Quiet honestly, I haven't seen "22% better picture" with my Blu-Ray discs. On my Sony 1080p LCD and upscaling Blu-Ray player, standard DVDs look pretty darn good.

$2 isn't going to make or break my budget, and I assume Netflix is banking on that mentality of its customer. But in principle, why pay for something I don't need.
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