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Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: ECT News 2001-07-30 18:56:21
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Memo to online advertisers: Keep pushing the envelope, as long as it's in the right
direction. Yes, you're going to make some people unhappy as you take up more of the screen
with your Web ads. But even with larger advertising in place, the ads on the Internet are
still a far less intrusive than television ads that hit viewers smack in the middle of
a show.

Besides, those same people complaining about the ads aren't ready to pay for content, so
bring on the ads. Just make sure they don't pop up.

Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: ProtoDewd 2002-03-01 14:27:58 In reply to: ECT News
I absolutely LOATHE these things. I hate annoying animated banners as well, but I can accept them as a fact of life like TV commercials, roadside billboards, and junk mail.

I have an idea though. These advertisers are charged based on how many times their ads are clicked, right? What would happen if every time you see one of these things we all make it a point to click it to generate a charge for the advertiser, but refuse to purchase anything from them?
Lets run up their bill without generating a dime of revenue for them.

Whaddya think?

Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: Thumbs Down 2002-03-04 14:09:17 In reply to: ProtoDewd
Not so fast, ProtoDewd. By clicking on a pop-up ad every time you see it, you're mostly going to be telling those advertisers that their ads ARE working. They got your attention, which is the first goal of any type of ad.

Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: Mike 2001-11-09 09:13:01 In reply to: ECT News
I couldn't agree more! Pop up ads are not only annoying, they are a strict intrusion of my privacy. I'm sure you can find one person (besides those behind the ads) that are for this pop-up ad campaign.

If this continues, I would like to see a universal graphic that we could put on our pages that let everyone know our feelings about pop-up ads.

Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: Simon 2001-09-08 10:06:23 In reply to: ECT News
Context, context, context!!!!

The Net offers the opportunity for advertisers to promote their clients' products and services in context...if only they would be kind enough to allow Net users to determine when within a context they are seeking more specific information on related products or services...

The Internet is unlike any medium before it, in the ability to allow users to select when they want to open their minds to advertising input....and yet most Net advertising practitioners treat it like it is just another venue for billboarding.

A BIG thumbs down to pop-up mind fucking...! A cautious thumbs up to the idea of larger, more context-specific advertising content - as it obviously MUST be related to the site's context to be of any value to the client.

Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: Bill 2001-08-01 11:13:36 In reply to: ECT News
I agree that Pop-Ups should go. I have eliminated them completely. Of course by doing so I have also eliminated some ads that would be of interest to me. It's the price I'm willing to pay just to get rid of them.


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