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Re: Busboy Scam Exposes Web Shopping Dangers
Posted by: ECT News 2001-03-22 17:18:02

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The news that a Brooklyn, New York busboy
allegedly stole the identities of nearly 200 of America's most rich and famous
people, bilking them for millions of dollars with
information gleaned via free Internet access at local libraries,
is a signal that the personal data stored on the
Internet remains a breeding ground for credit card crime -- despite all assurances to the contrary.

Driven by the ease with which personal information can be
obtained on the Internet, identity theft -- and the resulting
credit card fraud -- is a growing problem for e-businesses and
individuals alike.

Re: Busboy Scam Exposes Web Shopping Dangers
Posted by: mmc 2001-03-26 11:50:29 In reply to: ECT News
It appears that your report is confined to the US experience. To what extent do other jurisdictions share the same experience? Are there any lessons to be learnt?

Re: Busboy Scam Exposes Web Shopping Dangers
Posted by: jesse jackson 2001-03-22 17:26:50 In reply to: ECT News
The internet is really proving to be a complete 'world of its own' with many life-style enhancing, world-changing positives, all of which we have yet to experience or imagine. However, just as in the 'real' world, there are just as many world-changing negatives. Each will decide do the pros far outweight the cons ? If not, just yell, ". . stop the world and let me off !"
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