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Re: Bush Wins Warrantless Wiretapping War
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2008-12-08 05:57:54
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President George Bush has signed into law a measure that overhauls wiretapping rules and grants immunity to telecom companies that cooperated with a secret warrantless wiretap program. The administration established the spying operation after Sept. 11 to gain greater flexibility in eavesdropping on suspected terrorists' conversations. The bill addresses a broad range of surveillance activities, limiting what the government can do in certain circumstances, but giving it more wiggle room in others -- including espionage activities against U.S. citizens.

judge needs to be removed from the bench
Posted by: giannini 2009-09-19 15:08:30 In reply to: Erika Morphy
the judge who issued that particular order for
communist puppet george bush needs to be removed
from the bench, arrested, prosecuted, and sent to
prison for life. and while that judge is in
prison he/she should be made to write: "S&L" on
the prison walls every day of said term. but the
stupid people who allowed the communist scumbag
to be PUT in office by the communist-controlled
TV industry should be the ones--- under the U.S.
Const.--- executing communist puppet Bush (both
of them in fact).
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