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Re: AT&T Tries On Data Cap
Posted by: Peter Svensson 2008-11-05 14:26:44
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AT&T, the country's largest Internet service provider, is testing the idea of limiting the amount of data that subscribers can use each month. AT&T will initially apply the limits in Reno, Nev., and see about extending the practice elsewhere. Increasingly, Internet providers across the country are placing such limits on the amount of data users can upload and download each month, as a way to curb a small number of "bandwidth hogs" who use a lot of the network capacity.

Posted by: RICHARD0001 2008-11-05 15:04:25 In reply to: Peter Svensson
This limit would cut television,especially high definition, as well as all streaming media and others. including Netflix, as well as the many T.V. stations that come on-line everyday.This would put them right out of the picture...You can bet it is an attempt to control that market. Subscribers would only get enough bandwidth,(barely), to watch the A.T.&T. commercials. Typical corporate all you can to resist.Citizens,like myself who are live in would be adversely affected, as well as anyone who wants to watch their favorite TV show over the Internet.. Pricing would become astronomical.
Some politicians propose making the Internet free to all..Find em.
Because of the greed of the few...all the many must suffer!
Just as many are discovering, (free), on-line T.V. this move would crush them.
NOTE # All other country's give Internet users unlimited access, at a small fraction we are charged. These foreign owned companies charge us vastly inflated prices, just because we are Americans. A.T.& T., should take ,"AMERICAN", out of their title.The supreme court has already ruled this as a rights violation.
If they succeed, it is because you allow them.
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