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Re: Online Auctions, Part 2: The eBay Diaspora
Posted by: Jim Offner 2008-09-10 05:40:06
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Online auction site eBay grew up on the receipts of smaller-scale sellers. Now, as the San Jose, Calif.-based company reaches out to larger, big-volume dealers, some of those original core customers are drifting away. Some sellers have moved on to competitors such as Amazon.com, said Charles King, principal analyst with Pund-IT. "I think a lot of the mom-and-pop retailers are probably looking to see if there are opportunities," King told the E-Commerce Times. "Amazon has been getting a pretty good reputation for certain kinds of products. I think it's rapidly evolving."

Great Stories but missed 1 site
Posted by: YankeeTrader 2008-09-10 12:56:54 In reply to: Jim Offner
Great stories and insight.

I am one of those PowerSellers that is a 'mom and pop shop'. We have sold on eBay 10 years with 7 of them being fulltime. When they changed the feedback system we started looking for altnernatives. Now they have announced there are no more checks and/or money orders allowed and we are starting the foundation to leave them forever.

One alternative site you missed has a huge number of eBay refugees and is one of the most rapidly growing auction sites today. It is onlineauction.com or OLA for short. Ran by Chris Fain, another former eBay PowerSeller we think it will eventually bleed a great amount of the mom and pop shops like us. It has no listing or FVF fees and even a LIVE customer service phone number for all sellers or buyers.

Ebay Part 2
Posted by: Patricia013 2008-09-10 09:53:50 In reply to: Jim Offner
I certainly hope Ebay knows what its doing and the path its taking because its irreversible. The small sellers who appeal to Ebay's present customer base are leaving - and taking their good customers with them. Just last night I had a large sale on Bananzle from a long time Ebay customer. She liked the site and plans to stay and buy from others there too. This will happen more and more. As for a new customer base - where does Ebay think they'll find them? Overstock? Amazon? I sincerely doubt it because Ebay's own attitude about customer service and handling buyers will kill them in the end. They've had things there way for so many years now that they do not know how to cater to and satisfy customers - how to bend over backwards to make them feel comfortable and safe in buying from them. When I had my feedbacks transfered to Bonanzle there were over 3500 of them on a 10 year account that had 100 percent - no negatives and 5.0 DSR's and most of that feedback came from long time repeat customers. You don't get that kind of a reputation by shorting customers or treating them like second class citizens...BUT that's the way Ebay has been operating all these years and I see no change in that. So, now that I've completely left Ebay I'm in the process of contacting all my former customers and providing them with a list of places where they can find me now - AND offering them small incentives to come and buy from me again. THIS is what Ebay is facing from the thousands of sellers who already left. So, where will their new buyers come from? Sears, Walmart, JC Penney, Best Buy and just about every other major retailer are online now - all with good solid reputations for customer service and guarrantees. So...does the internet really need yet another retailer, especially one with a dubious reputation and a penchant for greed? I highly doubt it.

I repeat what I said in Part 1. Small sellers, and many powersellers, are now standing smugly by watching the slow collapse of Ebay - its something that is sad to us but we all know it is well deserved.
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