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Re: Online Auctions, Part 1: The eBay Earthquake
Posted by: Jim Offner 2008-09-09 05:27:44
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Things are changing at eBay. eBay says it is evolving to adapt to changes in the larger market, but it's not clear how the auction giant will fare against an emerging army of specialized competitors, and it's far from clear whether sellers will warm to its new internal price structure. Changing the fee system is probably the boldest move eBay has made, company spokesperson Usher Lieberman told the E-Commerce Times. "We've restructured to a fixed price and moved to a flat fee for listing items, regardless of the quantity of what you're selling."

What they fail to understand.
Posted by: weingarten 2008-09-09 13:07:03 In reply to: Jim Offner
I have been on eBay for years. What eBay has failed to understand is the amount of out and out fraud in the area I sell and buy. You have to very careful. But when I see fraud being committed, their is not real way to notify eBay. They just turn their head the other way. The word "orginial" shoud be a dead give away to reproduction or fake. Try and inform eBay of this type of fraud - no way. They make a big deal about excessive shipping and then allow people to charge anything and when told - they don't do anything. I have started selling on other sites, zero listing fees,3% sales commission and while they do not have the traffic yet they are growing. Both eBay and PayPal need to understand they contribute to fraud everyday and in the long ruin if they don't wake up the smaller guys will take over.

Posted by: tuffy123 2008-09-09 09:41:43 In reply to: Jim Offner
HI, Very good article. but what you do not mention is that 1000's of Seller who have been with E-bay, have left them. I myself left and have gone to, I was a power seller with a feedback of 5340. I left do to the high fee's & the new feedback system. In the new feedback Sellers can NOT leave NEGATIVE feedback if the buyer does not pay. How are the other seller going to know if he is going to pay you? We don't. But here is the kicker. The buyer can leave Negative feed back if he wants too, for what ever reason. Just because he can. Check out a site called or Ebays on boards called "ebay awful new feedback policy is unfare to the seller". MY bill with ebay was between $300.00 to $500.00 per month.

Earthquake at Ebay
Posted by: Patricia013 2008-09-09 09:31:06 In reply to: Jim Offner
Poor Mr. Lieberman he must have all sorts of problems with a nose that long!

"Under the old system, sellers paid a fee for each item listed; under changes taking effect Sept. 16, there will be one listing fee, regardless of the number of items available, Lieberman said."

He fails to tell you that auctions will be going on as usual at the usual high fees PER listing and will now compete with a massive load of junk from sellers emptying out their stores into search and from huge sellers like (who it is rumored pay NO listing fees at all)!

"We've talked with [sellers] extensively; we tend to do that with everything we do," said Lieberman. "We have feedback forums -- our voices group, which is a collection of buyers and sellers. We gather their feedback through quantitative and qualitative research."

Go to Ebay's own discussion boards and ask if anybody - anybody at all has been asked their opinion! To a man you'll probably hear a resounding "NO"! Yes, Ebay has feedback groups but Ebay has always and still does institute new changes and policies it feels will benefit the company - regardless of how sellers (their customers) can work with the change. Sellers have always been low on the totem pole (a dime a dozen) and have always simply had to cope and adapt or move on! That has been Ebay's attitude since Whitman came aboard and its the same today only more so under Donahoe.

As for sales...look for a ton of junk to innundate the site. There may be a short jump in Ebay's revenue but I doubt there will be a negligible jump in sales. Why? Because ebay has destroyed the delicate balance of buyer/seller, seller/buyer. Which means that most of the sellers who also bought on Ebay have left to list and buy elsewhere!

Ebay's greedy eye to Amazon's profits will destroy this company. It has already destroyed the trust of the countless small sellers who made Ebay what it is. After 10 years of constantly selling on Ebay on a daily basis, I am watching my very last auction roll off. My listings can now be found on Bananzle, iOffer, Etsy, Overstock and Blujay!
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