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Re: A Decade of Google
Posted by: Michael Liedtke 2008-09-08 13:56:24
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When Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google on Sept. 7, 1998, they had little more than their ingenuity, four computers and an investor's $100,000 bet on their belief that an Internet search engine could change the world. It sounded preposterous 10 years ago, but look now: Google draws upon a gargantuan computer network, nearly 20,000 employees and a $150 billion market value to redefine media, marketing and technology. Perhaps Google's biggest test in the next decade will be finding a way to pursue its seemingly boundless ambitions without triggering a backlash that derails the company.

Which is better: yin or yang..?
Posted by: bpmmx 2008-09-08 14:39:24 In reply to: Michael Liedtke
I dunno... I used to like the idea of Google - and believe many ppl did too - for they were feeding everyone's fantasies of having a possibility of making something out of nothing, like they did 10 years ago... And ofcourse, at that early stage the goal is - which is commonly approved by everyone - to become ever bigger a company. Bending rules is seen with sympathies.

But then when you grow so big and powerfull, you're making (not bending) rules - and that's when the masses stop liking you, you're not with them any more, you're getting to be against them!

And they against you... You're a monopoly!

My latest experience that detered me off Google was when I tried to use their AdWord program, and got stuck against their policy of "capitalization" - I described it in my blog here (, but long story short, my ad was refused (by Google representative) because of "excessive capitalization" in a 3-line ad, which literally read like this:
MMX DESIGN - Multimedia Design Studio
Web design with YOU in mind!

After I complained in a few email exchanges, they agreed to "MMX DESIGN" as I claimed it to be my company's name, but couldn't get over the "YOU" in my motto - "Web design with YOU in mind!" eventhough I was pointing them to my website, to show that this is what I have had for a motto, as well as everywhere else, printed material, etc..

Now, you (Google) may not have thought evil when you were a start-up, but this is not being good either! I simply decided to quit anything that has to do with them - unfortunately, that's more and more stuff on the internet, but fortunately, there's always (gonna be) others doing the same thing, and without being so particular and pretentious: Google Search - I use Live Search and applaud the appearance of Cuit; gmail - never used that one, anyway; Google Maps - Maps Live, Mapquest; YouTube - there's always others, Kyte, Vuze, etc. and YouTube was getting "old" anyhow...

So, a thumb down is not for this article, but for Google overall; and pre-emptively saying that "It's natural when a company gets big that some people become fearful of that," as Silverstein said, and merely stating that "We are not trying to be malicious or have some sneaky plan to put you in our thrall" does not prove you're not doing exactly that!

PS - to answer the question in the Subject - neither and both at the same time, but never either of them alone...
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