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Re: An E-Tailer's Guide to Surviving the Down Economy
Posted by: Daniel Meyerov 2008-08-20 23:59:16
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Small business is under fire -- and increasingly, it is the small business' Web site strategy that is being relied upon to create an effective defense. What are the conditions facing Web site experts and multi-tasking entrepreneurs alike -- and what are the critical changes in the online e-commerce and marketing world that will help small businesses meet this challenge? For answers, we need to look at some of the trends impacting the world of e-commerce and small business.

How to Surviving the Down Economy! Go abroad!
Posted by: anders03 2008-08-21 00:11:51 In reply to: Daniel Meyerov
When the dollar is so low, and there is a world wide Credit Crunch, customer spending are just falling..... As anwebshop owner, this is not only bad. If you are flexible this gives you possibilities. The Euro/Dollar exchange rate are very low, and if you are able to sell to European customers, you can sell you products about 1/3 more expensive.... there are a lot of these opportunities around. Try to check out www.ishopusa.com. They help American web shops with their sales abroad

And a link: http://www.dobbeltaa.dk/how-will-the-international-economic-downturn-effect-international-e-commerce-8.html
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