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Re: eBay Sets Bargain Basement Fees for Larger Sellers
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2008-08-20 17:58:30
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eBay has instituted a fee schedule that allows sellers of fixed-price items to list a product for 30 days -- in many cases, multiple quantities of that product -- for just 35 cents. In the past, sellers had to pay up to $4 per item per week. As of mid-September, sellers able to maintain large inventories of a product will find it easier and cheaper to offer their wares at eBay. They will also find the site more competitive with Amazon. Smaller retailers who stick to the auction format will not be aided by these changes.

eBay fees
Posted by: alanlonsing 2008-09-07 11:36:54 In reply to: Erika Morphy
A belated attempt by eBay to retain some sellers.

At Kaqoo we have seen a huge influx of powersellers who are downloading our software, setting up on their own websites and joining hundreds of others to list items for free and create an auction network where all the sellers work together.

The sellers provide the items for sale on their own website, provide customer service to their own customers and it all comes together at kaqoo.com.

This is the people taking control of the marketplace as the Auction Alliance.

Kaqoo (the Auction Alliance)
Posted by: albertaa 2008-11-24 17:46:39 In reply to: alanlonsing
A word to the wise on signing up with Kaqoo.
True, it is a wonderful concept for someone who wants a Turnkey auction site but there a few points on the downside.
The site is not user friendly and looks very amaturish.
For the 20% commission that you have to pay from your sales, you don't get much beyond the software.
Many broken links on their site. Most you can work around but a customer would just shake their head and leave.
Reminds me of one in a long list of not quite yet failed schemes.

John McDonald Trust & Safety
Posted by: bonita1 2008-08-29 17:55:39 In reply to: Erika Morphy
I am a relatively new seller to eBay and became a Power Seller in no time.. Circumstances beyond my control (family) delayed the shipping of various items in June (20?) I hired a young girl to finish the shipping, insisting that she get confirmation number on all items... I returned back to start conducting business again. I was very behind however kept in touch with all sellers to let them know what was going on.… Due to late shipment and my sensitive emotional state, I began selling under another account confidant that all items on the previous account were sent. My Active account was shut down! .. also brought down my two inactive accounts. As I was ready to sell most items the next day. Trust & Safety became involved and were absolutely horrible and abusive, one agent hung up on me. I contacted PayPal at once, a very nice Supervisor informed of “chargeback’s”- I asked what chargeback’s? Everyone has received their item, provided all confirmations numbers. It seems that because I did not read emails (over 600) I missed this fact that buyers had received the items and their monies (only 5 complained) It was out over $400.00. The buyers kept quiet for 6 weeks until I painstakingly contact each one. The first buyer I reached was not nice (168.00) because I demanded the item back, not the money (it was worth over $400.00 but was mislisted). Another said she was happy and paid, it was an oversight.
Another said too bad eBay sided with me. Where is my eBay support ..?? NO WHERE. I have provided all proof. Due to the fact that I became a Power Seller, I was promised many incentives that I have not received.
My Mortage is now due .. and I have no monies -- Ebay need a lot of help, especially in communication.

Posted by: James_C 2008-08-21 10:57:36 In reply to: Erika Morphy
“This is a half-hearted attempt by eBay to address recent seller complaints: they essentially appear to be just subtracting fees on one end and adding them to the other. I’d be surprised if online sellers fall for this. They are more savvy now than ever and know the profits they want to earn, which is why we developed www.Wigix.com to be very straightforward with a simple, transparent fee structure (no listing fees and no limitations on listing periods) that allows sellers to keep their profits.”
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