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Re: California Judge Terminates Sprint's Reviled Cancellation Fees
Posted by: Jeff Meisner 2008-08-03 06:45:47
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Sprint Nextel sustained a harsh legal blow this week that could have wide-ranging effects across the entire mobile telephone industry. A judge in California ruled that it is illegal for Sprint to charge so-called early termination fees when customers discontinue their wireless phone service before their contracts with the carrier end. Sprint must now reimburse its customers in California $18.2 million it collected in early termination fees. It must also discontinue its efforts to collect another $54.7 million in early termination fees from Californians.

verizon early termination fees
Posted by: lboldham 2008-08-03 06:51:37 In reply to: Jeff Meisner

I spoke with a customer service representative and supervisor at Verizon Wireless. Both deny prorating early termination fees based on how long you have been with them as a carrier.

Instead, they claim to deduct $5/month based on your current contract.

When I referenced this article, they stated that the facts regarding Verizon's early termination fee policies were inaccurate!

Variable ETFS
Posted by: veroreb625 2008-08-09 23:41:45 In reply to: lboldham
I just would like to let you know that when you contacted Verizon Wireless regarding this, you were given correct information. I have been employed by Verizon Wireless since the 'Variable ETF' Policy has gone into effect. Each time that you sign a new 2 year agreement, the ETF policy would start over, because it applies to your current contract. Therefore it does not reduce 5.00 from the etf based on total customer tenure. I can understand why you may have thought otherwise as third party websites, such as this one, can be misleading. You can read the clear disclosure on the variable ETF policy on verizonwireless.com & clicking on the 'Customer Agreement' section toward the bottom of the page. This will give you the full & complete Terms & Conditions.

Posted by: mjacksteit 2008-08-03 15:39:22 In reply to: lboldham
Thats what prorated means....

It is pro-ration when you take a portion of the bill off based on how long they've been a customer... THAT IS PRORATED!!!!


Wrong moron!
Posted by: Antigreek2 2008-09-03 10:04:19 In reply to: mjacksteit

No you got it wrong: It's prorated from the beginning of the NEW contract. If it was based off of how long you've been a customer (me 8 years) then that wouldn't make sense. 8 x 12 mos x $5.00 equals $480.00 and they would owe ME money!

Quit your damn whining. Read your fine print and quit posting comments and opinions that haven't been fully though out. D-uhhhh.
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