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Re: Beware the Hype for Software as a Service
Posted by: Gene Marks 2008-07-27 04:51:47
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Time to dispel a few popular myths. SUVs are not cool. They never were. You Hummer guys were drawing snickers a few years ago. Now, with the price of gas nearing $5 a gallon, we're laughing out loud. And Microsoft's Vista is not a failure. To date, the software company has sold more than 150 million units. Vista has made Microsoft a ton of money. Yes, yes -- it's preloaded on every new computer. And yes, of course -- it stinks. But no, it's not a failure.

Facts would be cool
Posted by: xav 2008-07-29 11:45:26 In reply to: Gene Marks
Interesting article. You make some possibly reasonable arguments, but usually when people are trying to dispel myths, they do so with actual numbers and facts and studies. The closest thing I'm seeing here is:

Myth 1:
...it can be...Most service...Most in house-systems...it's usually... (no numbers).

Myth 2:
...generally means...not completely..it kind of..(anectote)...never...

Myth 3:
(anectote) [note: Ikea always works for me]...What if...What if...(no numbers).

Myth 4:
Baloney...(anectote)...I don't care...(no numbers)

Myth 5:
(anectote)...What if...What if...What if...etc. (no numbers)

While you may have some completely valid assumptions here, how about including some numbers to back up the supposed dispelling of the myths?

You know, like:
1: What are average costs of SaaS solutions vs. non-SaaS solutions over a 5-year period?

2: Ditto with #1. Average costs?

3: Average training and/or implementation times of SaaS vs. non SaaS? Surely there's some studies on this.

4: A big concern. Doesn't lend it self well to numeric arguments, but the examples you use are not SaaS companies at all. Surely you can find some examples of SaaS companies losing data.

5: Maybe some sort of stats about what % of SaaS companies have significant back-up strategies. Must be a study out there some where.

All in all...not a bad article. Well written, poorly researched. C-

The SaaS Advantage
Posted by: ryancjr 2008-07-27 16:23:23 In reply to: Gene Marks
Wow Gene. You really have a thing in for SaaS. As a supplier of SaaS-based content management, I can assure you that there are many SaaS advantages including lower cost, as measured by out-of-pocket, total cost of ownerwhip or time-to-value. Faster deployment is also a major driver for SaaS implementations. In fact, industry reports show that SaaS-based CRM companies are growing at six times the rate of on-premises software. SaaS is a revolutionary computing model that is rapidly moving into the mainstream.
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