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Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: ECT News 2001-07-25 19:29:35
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Maybe it's a bad self-image brought on by the hundreds of good companies strewn by the
wayside. Or a belief that people will be ready one day to buy more online -- just not yet.

Whatever the cause, something is holding e-commerce back from reaching its potential.
Short of sending the industry to a Tony Robbins seminar, what can be done to
unleash the true power of the e-commerce?

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: Mac 2001-08-08 10:39:13 In reply to: ECT News
Kevin, I like your perspective on this issue. I guess people like us on this message board are preaching to the choir as we likely all have embraced the web and buy stuff on it each week. I share my on line buying exeperiences with friends and family frequently as sort of my own personal campaign to build their confidence. Sites like Papajohns.com are so well laid out and easy to use that that should be a commerce 101 requirement for all Americans that like to order out pizza. These types of low risk experiences will help the masses get on line.

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: Alladi 2001-08-09 03:15:33 In reply to: Mac
Kevin, I do agree on the point it must take off from small value items and go big with increase in confidence. As of now, I believe, two factors are holding back strongly on high value transactions. 1.Uncertainty of virtual buying, as there are no international legal laws framed and widely known particularly, for trans border purchases. 2.E-commerce transactions, as of now, are not projected profitable to the extent of expectations and worth of risk-taking by a common buyer. 3.The government and legal bodies have a lot of roles to play in addressing these issues in promoting through various schemes, which as of now are missing across the globe and not only in US.

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: Phillip 2001-08-02 19:30:29 In reply to: ECT News
It's a good point that the convenience offered by shopping on-line is what companies need to sell to consumers but how they do it is the key. At present consumers are more likely to buy commodities like books, CD's, DVD's, airline tkts etc over the net than they are clothes or perhaps furniture. The latter have a higher level of the "touchy feely" factor. Similarly, with groceries, canned produce is a more likely seller than fresh produce.

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: John 2001-08-02 21:32:03 In reply to: Phillip
Holding back....
First thing comes to mind for me personally is afforable and available BROADBAND! I live in a
relatively dense area, shopping center nearby, tv cable, lots of phone lines. BUt too far out
for DSL, our local TV cable hasn't upgraded or added Internet to theri mix yet, and Satelite
is way too expensive still. I own a Internet business, and from my contacts, Broadband , speed
seems to be in the top 5.
Also...an internet venture of which I am a part, also offers hard copy catalogs to our clients,
members and independant business owners. Smart move. Helps new E-com shoppers have a
catalog in their hands and then we teach them one on one, how to order using the SKU
nubmers OR using the site. Whatever works eh.? JNVC

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce...unnavigable
Posted by: arttworks 2001-07-27 02:04:49 In reply to: ECT News
Beyond the problem created by the limitations of the web as a display medium--What’s holding e-commerce back is the fact that the web is not logically or coherently navigable. E-commerce isn’t about producing the best product at the best price, it’s about wining a marketing game that produces no added value to consumers. Eliminate the obscene waste created by bad web mapping, and the advantages of a “superhighway” will be realized.

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce...unnavigable
Posted by: Chris 2001-08-07 12:26:33 In reply to: arttworks
I have to agree with you about obsene waste and bad mapping. The web is too big. If we humans have too much on our plate we don't know where to start and the marketers take the driving seat. But localising and putting fences up may help the consumer pysche feel more comfortable. Things have to get to local roots not global transparency when shopping.

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: FrankLeibold 2001-07-26 17:23:14 In reply to: ECT News

Your spot on! Notice how Walmart announced they would cash 'tax-refund' checks, with no questions asked. That's the stuff leaders are made of.

Re: What's Holding E-Commerce Back?
Posted by: Bob 2001-07-28 11:47:51 In reply to: FrankLeibold
Thanks for the article. I guess there is a reluctance to use any of the "old" ways of doing things when it comes to the "new" e-biz. Thanks for reminding me that some of the old still works with the new.
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