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Re: FCC May Curb Comcast's Internet Choke-Chain Antics
Posted by: Renay San Miguel 2008-07-11 14:21:32
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Advocates of Net neutrality are preparing to chalk up their first victory following press reports that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin has recommended prohibiting cable giant Comcast from blocking Web traffic between peer-to-peer networks. The recommendation, which still requires action from the full commission, could be precedent-setting; all Internet service providers would be prohibited from prioritizing certain Web traffic in their efforts to manage the flow of Internet data.

Net neutrality proponents
Posted by: oldun 2008-07-11 14:29:38 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
To all us out here in the real world these American ratbag advocates of net neutrality have gone too far.
The sooner the world takes the control of the Net away from the USA the better for the rest of the world.
The USA would be better served by rounding up 90 percent of their lawyers and shipping them out to Iraq or Afghanistan for a tour of duty in their front line forces for 5 or 10 years, and the better off the rest of the world will be for us all.
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Would you license your personal data to advertising platforms if you were paid directly for it?
Yes -- So much of my personal data is already in the hands of advertisers anyhow; I may as well be paid for it.
Possibly -- It depends how much I would be compensated and how the data I authorize to share would be used and protected.
No -- I would not sell my personal data at any price.