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Re: Is Circuit City Headed for a Blowout?
Posted by: Pallavi Gogoi 2008-07-03 11:18:15
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Will Circuit City join the long list of electronics retailers, like Tweeter Home Entertainment and Harvey Electronics, that have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the past year? Given that shares of the Richmond, Va., company are trading at just over $2, Wall Street is betting that could be a possibility. "Circuit City is in very serious trouble, and any scenario is possible today," says Nick McCoy, senior consultant at TNS Retail Forward, a research firm.

Circuit City Must Die
Posted by: Fetrow 2008-07-05 21:24:27 In reply to: Pallavi Gogoi
Their customer service is just abysmal. They aren't even smart enough to make they employees wear name tags. I guarantee customer service isn't going to improve until they do that tiny little thing!

They wonder why CD sales are down. I can tell you one big thing, the CDs are not in alphabetical order! How do they expect people to find the music they are looking for if they have to go through every CD to find it?

They might hire managers who care a little too. They just hide in their offices -- WHEN THEY BOTHER TO SHOW UP AT ALL!

Posted by: jenesmith01 2008-07-28 20:18:39 In reply to: Fetrow
its very sad to me that you want a whole company to sink because of your bad experience. Have you been to every store in the country? Probably not. So who are you to say that every store is like that. As an employee of this company it upsets me to read insensitive comments like this. You may of had one bad expeirence but to wish such things on the rest of the people of the company is pathetic. There are many people who rely on their job in the company, myself included, to pay bills and don't want to see the company fall. Our store is run very well and sadly narrow minded people like you that think every store is run that way is probably what is ruining some of our buisness. Before you jump to conclusions make sure you know what your talking about. All stores aren't like that and I hope that you are never in a situation where you have to worry about your job every day.

Circuit City Still Must Die.
Posted by: Fetrow 2008-07-29 12:51:59 In reply to: jenesmith01
You are correct; I haven't been in every store in the country. I have only been in about a dozen. I have yet to see a good one, but I can tell you about two that are beyond disgusting.

The worst is near my in-laws. It is located in Springfield, PA. The store is FILTHY! The employees basically do as little as possible and try to avoid the customer. I overheard a customer asking about a Sony "HD" IBOC radio and the employee was totally misinformed. He told them that if they wanted digital radio they had to go with Sirius or XM.

After he left, I told them the Sony radio would receive IBOC, and that there were MANY IBOC stations in Philadelphia, and a good portion of them do transmit secondaries. It turned out they knew that, and wanted to listen to a public station that would do jazz and classical. It turns out the station broadcasts the other format on the "HD" 2 all the time, so they could "chase" the format back and forth.

I suggested he grab another sales person. They did, and that salesperson told them that next year (this was just after Christmas 2007) ALL TV, RADIO AND CELLULAR HAD TO BE DIGITAL ONLY! Well, it was true that in just under 14 months the analog TV would be going away (February 17, 2009), but there is no plan at all for AM/FM radio, and cellular MAY turn off analog (AMPS) as of February 18 of this year (2008) but many analog systems are still on.

This store has a CD and DVD area that is just a mess. Someone needs to teach them the alphabet.

My local store, in Sterling, VA, is also a mess. The managers hide in there office in the back. I had vowed to NEVER go back, but my HDTV converter box coupons were about to expire and I STILL hadn't been able to get the boxes I wanted anywhere. I checked online and found that store had them. I went in, found them, and bought them. The Sirius display was so loud it was in distortion, and was playing rap music. I heard the word "shit" several times. I suggested to the cashier that wasn't a good thing. He agreed.

I went to the hidden room to see if I could find a manager. There were two people hiding in the back, and one admitted to being the manager. Of course, like everyone else, he wore no name tag. He would be easy to identify as he must weigh over 600 pounds and broke into a sweat by the time he had walked to the front of the store. He totally dismissed me, then I heard him telling the other guy that their agreement with Sirius "kept it clean." That may be, in that the blue channels are programmed out (like the comedy channel), however, both the cashier and I heard "shit."

They don't know the alphabet either.

I was recently driving to Aberdeen, MD, north of Baltimore, and the battery on my Crackberry died. I searched the GPS for a Verizon store and was lead to a Circuit City store. The person at the Verizon stand was sick as a dog and coughing all over everything, and wiping his snot all over everything. Yes, I know he is a Verizon, and not a Circuit City employee. I got my car charger and checked out the CDs.

ONCE AGAIN, NO ONE KNOWS THE ALPHABET! That store was also a real dump. It isn't because it is old, in fact, it looks new, but there are boxes waiting to stock the shelves and pegs all over the floor, trash everywhere (don't the own a broom at ANY Circuit City?).

It isn't as if I want to, or have to do anything for Circuit City to die. They are killing themselves, suicide.

If you treat the customer like crap, like he doesn't matter, have filthy stores, don't bother to make CDs available, and have employees who don't know what they are selling, you will die.

The entire thing started when the company got greedy and stopped paying commission. The professional sales people left. You COULD make a decent living on the commission, but the sales people are poorly paid now. SO, Circuit City is saving the commissions, but sales are WAY down.

Have you read the press? Circuit City is on life support. Even Blockbuster decided against buying them.

Unless they can do the simple thing of making their people responsible for their actions by wearing name tags, keep the stores clean, organize the CDs and DVDs so people can find them so they can BUY them, Circuit City WILL die. It won't be long now.

Posted by: jenesmith01 2008-07-29 19:48:38 In reply to: Fetrow
like i said im sorry you feel that way but as i said before not all stores are like that, and yes i do keep up with the news and sadly clean stores like ours where the management is actually out helping, where we regularly keep cds and dvds orderly are probably going to be closed first when the closing does happen because we were less then half a mile away from best buy.

i do think that changes need to be made but i don't think the company should disappear.

Circuit City WILL Die!
Posted by: Fetrow 2008-07-31 00:05:25 In reply to: jenesmith01
I don't think it matters if SOME stores are OK, or even well run. The vast majority are awful. The public is fed up. How do I know beyond the fact that I am done with them? THE STOCK PRICE!

It closed at $2.08 today! In the last year i has been as high as $12. Back in the early 2000s, it was over $60 a share.

Now imagine that -- a stock that is now one-thirtieth of what it was less than eight years ago! What if GM did that?

Are you happy the stock price is now 3% of what it was LESS THAN eight years ago?

SO, keep the stores dirty. Keep them a mess. Make it impossible for me to buy a CD or DVD. Have super loud sat-radio displays shouting "SHIT!" Have employees who don't give a, well, you know. Keep allowing them to not wear name tags so they can treat customers badly without responsibility.

It isn't that Circuit City MUST Die, it is that they WILL die because they don't care about the customer.

SHOULD it disappear? Well, frankly, I think it SHOULD! Why should anyone support a company that treats the customer like they don't matter?

Hey, maybe your store is great. Tell me where it is, and I will check it out. I travel ALL THE TIME -- over 600,000 airline miles last year. Then, I ask you to travel to your nearby stores and see if they are up to your standards. My experience says they are not. Take a busman's holiday and see.

I think you will find that Circuit City SUCKS! They make Radio Shack look good.

Circuit City vs. Wal-Mart?
Posted by: geofbrewer 2008-07-03 11:31:10 In reply to: Pallavi Gogoi
I hate to see the possibility of Circuit City tanking. Wal-Mart may be larger but at some point it has to back off because HDTV from the low end manufacturers is no bargain. Even with mid-quality HDTV there is a break-even point Wal-Mart simply won't be able to maintain it's "everyday low prices" and maintain volume. Sadly, a sufficient number of customers have become abusive of the "buyer-seller" relationship, in part because of Wal-Mart. This raises the spector of companies in Circiut City's situation, unable to hold on long enough to be able to pick up the pieces when Wal-Mart finally "hits the wall".
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