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Re: The Domain Blast
Posted by: Naseem Javed 2008-07-02 06:50:26
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Now you can buy any domain with any suffix. If a dot-com is gone, so what? For a cost, you can create your own suffix using any letters and any name. Domain names are made of three parts. The www, the "name" and the suffix like .com. With ICANN's latest decision, you now have full creative control over the last two parts. This is a revolutionary new concept creating a global-scale boom in new names, massive potential confusion from duplication and global copycatting, all compounded with cyber-squatting, where piles of popular names will be turned into pyramids of shared stupidity.

Slight misstatement
Posted by: SteveFrunkis 2008-07-02 07:13:26 In reply to: Naseem Javed
The article somewhat incorrectly states:
"Domain names are made of three parts. The www, the "name" and the suffix like .com."

The "www" could be any host name, as in maps.google.com. Subdomains are also possible, as in myhost.servers.ungoliant.com.

In other words, a fully-qualified domain name consists of at least three parts:
- The host name.
- Optionally, one or more subdomains.
- The publicy-registered domain name.
- The top-level domain - i.e. the suffix
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