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Re: Warming Up to the Kindle
Posted by: Carlin Romano 2008-06-22 14:26:22
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Is the Kindle about to catch fire? Could Amazon.com's seven-month-old wireless e-book reader -- a rectangular wonder in antique iPod white, able to download any of 125,000 books adapted to its format -- be the tipping point that marks the decline and fall of the paper book? If those two questions continue to dominate techno-talk in the book-publishing industry, it's because book folk, being weaker in gizmo-related prognostication than, say, the devotees of a consumer electronics show, aren't sure.

The Kindle
Posted by: Personanondata 2008-06-22 14:32:09 In reply to: Carlin Romano
The Kindle is an important innovation for publishing and book readers. I have a different view of how this should influence what publishers will do as they look to the future.

Tomorrows version of the monograph is unknown but it is not the e-book version of today's book. The hype around Bezos' appearance at BookExpo was troubling to me because of the manner in which we hang on his every utterance. Certainly Amazon is important, but we are the content providers and I hope we are all looking forward to the day when a panel of publishers gets up and serially announces game shifting developments in content and content delivery. Will it be next BookExpo?

More: http://personanondata.blogspot.com/2008/06/generational-chasm.html
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