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The trend towards using services as offered by Sourcing Companies for online projects is on the rise. The huge task of planning, controlling and actually finalising extensive web projects can be a task too much to handle and the issue of costs spiraling out of control might sound for many too familiar. In this article, we list the three main benefits of hiring a Sourcing Company and explain how it can help you to get it right from the beginning.

1. Expertise At Your Fingertip

90% of Development Sourcing and Project Management Companies have programmers and staff in-house that used to work in the development arena, clearly separating them from traditional Recruitment Companies. This ensures that the right technology will be chosen for your project and that you are not limited to the solution a Development Company has on offer as their standard. Sourcing Companies usually chose their suppliers on merit unlike recruitment companies, which just believe everything a developer tells them. Further, the majority of Development Companies specialises in certain fields only (e.g. program languages, development styles) and might not have the correct technology for your online project.

2. Strategic Online Planning & Project Management

A good Sourcing Company is usually very good at speaking geek. They do understand the processes involved in building systems and usually have a very good idea of the time scales involved. In addition, a professional Sourcing Company will make sure that your brief, sitemaps and wireframes are clearly set out, eliminating all miscommunications with the chosen Development Company from the start. They know which web designer you need; they will get the right programmers as well as overlooking and controlling the work constantly. Getting your project right from the start is essential and can be a risky task without proper project management and strategic planning in place.

3. Stay Within Your Budged And Save Costs - Yes you can!

Professional Sourcing Companies are your personal firewall to protect you from being overcharged by individual specialist providers. Professional Sourcing Companies know exactly what it takes to design, to program, to develop, etc. and it is a vital part of their business model to make sure that your online project will not only be completed within your budged but also work towards cutting your costs without compromising.
In addition, Sourcing Companies have an extensive knowledge of available Opensource solutions, where to find them and who to speak to. This means that an online project does not need to be build from scratch as there is often a pre-build solution available. A lot of those solutions just need modification in order to suit your needs. Again, this makes it possible for you to stay within the budged and even save costs.

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