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Re: Lawmakers Push for Fee-Free E-Filing
Posted by: Keith Regan 2008-04-15 15:55:47
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Ten years after the Internal Revenue Service first flipped the switch on electronic tax filing, key lawmakers said Monday the time has come to make e-filing free for all taxpayers -- a move that could cost software makers millions in annual revenues. Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, and Sen. Daniel Akaka, a Democrat from Hawaii, plan to introduce a bill that would eliminate fees that taxpayers currently pay to third-party software firms and others who handle the e-filing transactions.

Who brings more profit???
Posted by: Afsaneh 2008-04-16 11:22:17 In reply to: Keith Regan
I am wondering who brings the bacon home when it comes to taxpayers and e-filling companies or softwares. Is it not true that government is trying its best to help the residents in this country to have a better life and have less expense out of their pockets?
With the present economic situation that we have: War, recession, high rocking prices on anything and everything ... is it not nicer to have some more concern about the taxpayers instead of the companies who make the electronic tax-payment softwares or even e-filling?
Isn't it better to save more money and human resources at the IRS with free-E filling ?
Are we not supposed to apply modern technology to comfort our lives? Or are we supposed to help the people or companies who develop this technology to make more money everyday and make life harder and/or expensive for the others?
Isn't it better to have an information channel to let the taxpayers know about the rights or regulations which is out there for tax filing?
I myself didn't know about the part that if I have less than $52,000 annual income I can e-file for free!
I as a taxpayer I had no clue that if I file sooner or e-file, I would get my return sooner. Because I have never heard about the President's Package!
I believe that IRS needs to re-evaluate its policies in e-filing fees and procedures.
Of course that would be bi-laterally beneficial for the IRS and also taxpayers. For the above mentioned companies, of course they always know how to boost their revenues in other ways (as it is stated in the article they have found other ways to do that in advance). Who or which is more important: IRS Costs? Taxpayers? Third-parties?
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