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Re: eBay's Donahoe Era: Rough Weather Ahead?
Posted by: Jon Swartz 2008-04-06 05:30:07
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While Yahoo staves off a takeover bid from Microsoft -- and Microsoft braces for life after Bill Gates -- another high-tech pioneer is at a digital crossroads. As eBay readies for the post-Meg-Whitman era, and new CEO John Donahoe takes over, it faces fierce challenges in a Web 2.0 era defined by armies of agile competitors. Running eBay could be a daunting task. The former dot-com darling has lost some of its luster and is reinventing itself to reverse years of slowing growth in its auction marketplace, where millions trade online selling to the highest bidder or at a fixed price.

Re: eBay's Donahoe Era: Rough Weather Ahead?
Posted by: removethisaccount 2008-04-06 05:32:03 In reply to: Jon Swartz
Did you know? :
BUYERS: will no longer be able to see who is bidding against them? By Ebay making the bidding anonymous, ..you can't tell who that person is or what their background is.
All you see is something like J**L.
This promotes shill bidding (where the seller bids with another or several id's to jack up the end price of an item). With these id's hidden it will be impossible for you to research whom you are bidding against... Something to think about...
BUYERS: will have to pay more because Ebay is "suggesting" to sellers to offer free shipping. Well now, you wouldn’t want to lose money on your items, so please understand the sellers don't want to either so they will have to incorporate that in the initial selling price. Interestingly enough, Ebay makes more money this way because of the hike in Final Value Fees they collect from the buyer………think about that……
BUYERS: will see that the hard to find items will once again be scarce, as more sellers leave the Ebay site for different sites. Think about that………
SELLERS: will no longer be able to give your buyers anything but positive feedback? If the buyer bounces a check... oh well. If the buyer sends you back an item, and they sent you something fake but have the return slip to prove they sent something back... oh well. You will have no recourse... It happens all of the time right now, but will become even more prevalent when the new rules kick in because you will not be able to state your case with feedback... Cyber criminals are well aware of the venues which they can feed off of... Think about that...
SELLERS: were told "Good News" the picture gallery picture will now be free, and the listing charge went down by $.05 on the lower selling items (higher discount for higher priced items), BUT the reserve price fee escalated from $1.00 to $2.00 and is not refundable if the item does not sell, and the Final Value Fee hiked as much as 66%. So the final value fee considerably raises the actual cost of selling for most sellers and the advertized decrease in fees was a smoke screen...
SELLERS: feedback scoring will only be based on the last 12 months.
SELLERS: Feedback scoring is based on a curve, so even if you have a 4.5 in shipping, that is viewed in a negative way by Ebay, but presented to the seller as positive. This curve is entered into whether or not your earnings from a sale will be held for 21 days. Which means... Ebay decided you have to ship your items with your own money first while they hold onto your money for you with no interest!!
Paypal's (owned by ebay) new amendment to their user agreement, dated March 14th, article #10.4, states that the hold on funds can be held LONGER THAN 21 DAYS. There is now NO LIMIT to how long sellers' funds can be held."
Ebay states they will beef up their customer service (which we all know is basically non-existant) . They state they will look at the situation if the seller reports it but.....we all know how that works.
Imagine how much efficiency there will be when thousands of complaints come in from sellers.......I'm sure they will get on it right away (sarcastically said) ...and in the meantime, your sales go down from the bad ratings and you lose the coveted discount that they offer the "good sellers".
How can Anyone want these changes?
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